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Mike.......I just performed an ammeter test on one of my MC2301 amplifiers. At idle with no signal, a single MC2301 draws 180 watts. Peaking 3.0 watts on the amp's output meter the MC2301 draws approximately 202 watts. Peaking 30.0 watts on the amp's output meter the MC2301 draws approximately 260 watts. I didn't go any louder because 30 watts output into the Anniversario's is rocking the room. This just gives you an idea of what a single amp draws. Both of my MC2301's are powered from a PurePower 2000, so the combined total for both amps is 520 watts current draw when the amplifier outputs are peaking at 30.0 watts. This means the PurePower 2000 is just loafing along, even at the loudest volume I listen to.

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