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Default The Worlds best speakers are here!

Just got the YG Anat II professionals here yesterday!

Pretty exciting stuff. I've been to the factory to watch them build the Anat's and the attention to detail is fantastic. They have a super cool 5 axis milling machine and they start out with about a 1.5 ton (no typo!!) sheet of aluminum to cut these babies down into their final shape.

What I heard in their showroom with Krell and DCS was nothing short of amazing, so I'm anxious to get them up and playing before I head to the RMAF.

Are they the best speakers in the world?

I don't know if I'd go that far, only because everyone likes something different. One guy prefers an Aston Martin, the other would rather have a Ferrari, another a Porsche. (and some are fortunate enough to have them all!)

But I would definitely say they are one of the top 5 or 6 when it comes to cost no object speakers. In terms of being dynamic, highly resolving, incredibly musical and coherent, I can't say I've heard anything better and I've spent a lot of time with the Wilson X-2 (series2), the Avalon Sentinels, Hansen, Magico and a few others.

I'd say if you are ready to write a six figure check for a pair of speakers, the YG's should be on your list to audition. They make an awesome product.

Watch for an in depth review in either the Dec or Feb issue. I really want to put a lot of hours on these before I start writing.

Ivan, you may have to come to Portland for a visit!!!

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