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Originally Posted by jdandy View Post
Charles.......In my living room sound system I feed the Oppo BDP-83SE analog stereo signal to the C2300 that drives my MC601's. The two channel sound system plus the JL subwoofer makes a convincing movie sound presentation. I set this up because Marlene prefers this over the 5.1 system in my home theater. I think I play the 5.1 system a bit too loud for hear in the theater. None the less, the two channel system in the living room, using the C2300, MC601's, Fathom f113 subwoofer and PMC EB1i speakers, gets the job done in spades. I have zero issues with the C2300 tube preamplifier as part of the my living room movie experience. It also goes without saying, the C2300 also performs exceptionally as the control center fro my two channel music listening in the living room.
It sounds like the C2300 can blow things up, too. That's not a surprise. It's been my belief that any equipment that handles music well should be able to handle movies, too.
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