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Originally Posted by sibelius View Post
Proper SUT/Cartridge pairing is absolutely essential. I have had a chance to use 7 different SUT's (Cinnemag, Sowter, Lundahl, Hommage, Altec, Silk, Hashimoto) and preferred the Hashimoto with my Koetsu Onyx. The SUT in the Shindo preamps and the Hommage will work with a variety of cartridges but are clearly optimised for SPU type cartridges. Will have a Garrard 301 up shortly so am eager to hear how my new Ortofon SPU classic will sound tapped directly into the VR preamp.
Hey Scott,

Oh, getting an SPU? Most excellent.. time for the Hommage, my friend! (A better match than with the Koetstu, of course..)

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