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Originally Posted by Still-One View Post
For several months I used MAP3 and recently went back to MAP!. I like having the ability to instantly hear and differences using the Mosaic App to toggle between the settings.
I need to be careful and not get too carried away with the different filters and settings! I spent a couple of hours last night going back and forth between Tidal and Qobuz Hi Res streaming.......I like the mosaic app, it may a bit bare bones compared to Roon, but it gets the job done, saves a bunch of money since it comes ready to use and avoids having to have yet another computer in your life when you're listening to music. I did several comparisons between the two streaming services and realized after an hour I may be wasting my time since it really seemed more dependent on the recording/mastering than the service. You can drive yourself crazy trying to hear differences between files, but all in all, the MQA and Qobuz Hi Rez sounded fantastic on most things I tried and couple not so great. Even though I'm still a physical media guy, I always missed not having the capability to browse the "what are you listening to" thread or a Stereophile review and instantly pull up an album and check it out. Problem solved, the dCS Rossini is one fantastic piece of gear. Trying to avoid thinking about the clock but I'm sure it's inevitable.

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