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Answers in (())) below

Originally Posted by Wino View Post


Thanks for the compliment- The goodies are sounding better all the time, as yes it's fun to share audio w/ friends (& food & wine too !)- You'll have to pop over one of these times-

((Let me know when next time...))

This is very unusual, and makes Wavelength 'classic' & helps it hold it's value, since you can upgrade, instead of having to constantly buy new stuff !

((The DAC looks beautiful and probably sounds as good as it looks))

Glad you're having a wonderful time listening to vinyl- I'm slowly getting back into it, trying to reserve LP purchases to absolute favorites- Of course I'm not always successful, and sometimes succumb to vinyl's 'siren song', and get a few extras, here and there-

Only have about 100 LPs now, & definitely will never go above 500- I used to collect, now I only care about SQ (Better Records baby !)

(((I just get what I really want. The new 45rpm releases are spectacular. Some classic rock will never sound great like the stones, which I also have and in sacd, but if you like jazz get the new releases before they get sold out. And the 45rpm dylan, doors, etc.

As stated above, irrespective of sound, spinning vinyl puts me in a very different mindset)))

Cheers to "tube and horn sensibilities" !


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