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Originally Posted by Wino View Post

The Esoteric UX-1 (I believe), was the same 'tier' as the K-01/K03 is now-

The Wavelength Silver Crimson (under sub-optimal conditions) completely kicked butt on the Esoteric, and no offense, I'm sure the K-01/K-03 would also be emasculated-

It sounded so huge, open, analogue, w/ a natural ebb & flow- Hard to believe- Of course you're welcome to come & listen for yourself-

IMHO, of course-

Yeah, David, I'm thinkin' the same thing. And the tubes and Crimson aren't even run in yet. Oh, and then there's the Audioquest Diamond USB cable you just snagged; we were just using my plain-vanilla AQ Carbon USB cable.

Oh, and the computer server setup was less than optimal, too! Sounded amazing for what was definitely a sub-optimal implementation.

More goodness to come!
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