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Ok time for my comments on the Pass XP-20 preamp used with the following equipment
McIntosh MC601 amplifiers (pair), Benchmark DAC, OPPO 95 DVD, and Magnepan 1.7 speakers. Analysis plus speaker cables, Kimber Hero IC to MC601, Burley wire IC from OPPO to pre, home built interconnect Benchmark to pre, all balanced cables. Previous pre amp McIntosh C220 with GL tubes. So when it comes to comparisons it will be with respect to the Mac C220, which is a little unfair $4k vs $8k. First the XP has better extension from low end to high, but does not sound light weight in the midrange and has improved soundstage and depth. The main difference between the Pass and the Mac is the Pass has a lot more detail without being harsh which is important to my advanced age ears (dialog on movies are clearer). The XP-20 and the MC601 is good match for the Magnepan 1.7 which can be a little aggressive in what I would call mid to upper mid range (700hz to 3khz) the overall sound I would call organic if that makes sense. Now having said all this, the Mac C220 has the ability to make you do a double take say on acoustic guitar or cello. All in all I am very pleased with the Pass and highly recommend it, a very good match for my system.
Now I wonder what the McIntosh C2300 would sound like, or Wireworld cables ? Does this madness ever end.
Stuff - Pair of MC601 amps, Pass XP-20 and C220 pre, Benchmark Dac, Oppo 95, Magnapan 1.7,Rythmik sub.various other stuff parasound P7 pre, home built pass diy amp, Thiel and diy speakers.
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