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Originally Posted by fjn04 View Post
I have been trying to gather ideas for a second TT setup. I own a Well-Tempered Amadeus with an Emt Tsd-15N cartridge. This a great combination, that for the money may be hard to beat. I don't want to exceed the general price range of my current setup, but am open minded to spending a little less. I have actually thought of a second Amadeus, but want to have a more open mind. The Thorens Td-124 or Girrard 301 route is an interesting idea, but I admit that it may not be the best idea for me.
It all depends of what "sound" you want to get from your second turntable. I've gone through at least a dozen in the last 5 years (VPI, Rega, Thorens TD124, TD125, Project, Empire 298 and 598, ...)

The modern tables were too cold and analytical for me, at time I felt like I was listening to a CD. Kudos for accuracy, but they scored low on deliciousness. The rim-drive Thorens TD124 (I had 2 of them) sounded great, but I had rumble issues - even after refurbing them replacing some key parts.

The ones I kept are the Thorens TD125ii with SME 3009ii tonearm and the Empire 398. I made my decision based on sound, they both sounded very warm, relaxed and delicious. They made vinyl sound like vinyl and not CD.

I have no doubt that someone else would have preferred the Rega or VPI with they more precise sound.

That's why I think it's crucial to know ahead of time what kind of experience you want from your second turntable before one can make recommendations.

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PS Photo of my favorite turntable. Still with me after 6+ years.

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