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Originally Posted by jazzhead
Howie ... My rig is digital only . Meredian 808.2 . Vitus pre- power , Nordost Thor ,Finite Elemente Stand , Stillpoint CP stands and SS Ultras. Jorma Prime I/C 's , PC's , Jorma Origo S/C. In the process of setting up a computer front end and am awaiting delivery of my Vitus DAC.
The C2 is all about speed , coherence and purity of tone . The thing I quite enjoy about it is that the resolution is spread evenly across the spectrum .The deep bass being nearly as detailed as the mids and highs. It does take quite a while to come into it's own from new . Demanding of continuity in your signal chain it will pounce on any sloth or discontinuity in set-up . The down firing port how-ever helps in it not being as difficult to set up in terms of room interaction.
They are quite an easy load and should be a good match with your Ongaku . Different from the SF house sound, but am sure a pairing you would be satisfied with for quite some time to come. Cheers !
I heard the Coltrane 2 with Vitus pre power last night and boy did it sound good. Your rig must be impressive to say the least. You're dead right about the C2. Speed accuracy, those guitar strings more realistic than I have ever heard them.

Any chance of some photos of your system?! :smile:


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