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Howie ... My rig is digital only . Meredian 808.2 . Vitus pre- power , Nordost Thor ,Finite Elemente Stand , Stillpoint CP stands and SS Ultras. Jorma Prime I/C 's , PC's , Jorma Origo S/C. In the process of setting up a computer front end and am awaiting delivery of my Vitus DAC.
The C2 is all about speed , coherence and purity of tone . The thing I quite enjoy about it is that the resolution is spread evenly across the spectrum .The deep bass being nearly as detailed as the mids and highs. It does take quite a while to come into it's own from new . Demanding of continuity in your signal chain it will pounce on any sloth or discontinuity in set-up . The down firing port how-ever helps in it not being as difficult to set up in terms of room interaction.
They are quite an easy load and should be a good match with your Ongaku . Different from the SF house sound, but am sure a pairing you would be satisfied with for quite some time to come. Cheers !
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