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Originally Posted by howiebrou View Post

I am actually looking more at the Coltrane II which is nominal 8 ohms with a 4.1 ohm minimum if I recall correctly.

I have found though, that measurements on paper don't always correspond to real life situations especially with regards to tube amps which can produce thunderous results with what would appear to be an incompatible load.

A much more reliable way, in my experience, is to see what real people use with certain speakers or amps or what manufacturers use to demo their products. You can bet your bottom dollar that they won't purposefully compromise their system.

The ktema is actually a similar load as the strads but much much easier to drive. Some of the very sensitive speakers i looked into like the JBL DD6600, Tannoy Kingdom Royal are real pigs even with 95db + and 8ohm ratings and you rarely see these speakers with SETs. Don't ask me why but I 'm sure 15 inch woofers play a part!

Best way is to demo I guess and make double sure.
Howie...understood. As you said, trying them out together is the only way to really know if they are synergistic Good luck. I have always been intrigued by Marten speakers, so looking forward to your impressions. And if you do get a chance to listen to the Django down the road, PM me please with any thoughts. Thanks much.
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