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Yup, the rumors of the 2100 Series. (sigh) That has to be the worst kept secret in the industry. We're working on three pieces in the 2100 Series and I plan to go on tour with them this summer, with a number of dealer events planned for the fall. Details when the products are close or ready for release....
Looking at the strides Boulder have made in recent years developing the awesome 3000 series products, including the development of new 99H gain stages, new casework design made possible by Boulder's new computerized CNC machines and new circuit designs (including new damped circuit boards and circuit mounting techniques), I think it's safe to say the new 2100 series will be very special indeed. In my opinion, Boulder amps not only sound brilliant, but provide great pride of ownership. And that stems not only from their exceptional circuit design and engineering, but the refreshingly long lifecycle of their products, the absolute integrity of this company and their friendly staff. When you own a Boulder product, you become part of the Boulder family and are treated like a client, not a customer. We are lucky indeed to have Rich's generous input in this new forum as he offers a wealth of knowledge and good humor.

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