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Default Hello from Las Vegas

I was delighted to have stumbled across this forum while doing a Google search. What a wonderful find!

I've been a fledging audiophile for more than 50 years and confess that I like listening to equipment almost as much as to the music it is reproducing. I have two systems, one of which is composed of some of my old favorites (such as an Audio Research SP-9B preamplifier, a SAE Mark IV-DM power amplifier and Thorens TD-125 Mkii turntable) and the other of which has an number of fairly decent and somewhat newer components (such as a Theta Casablanca IV preamplifier, Lumin T2 music streamer, Wadia 8 transport, Oppo 203 player, Krell FPB 200c and 250mc power amplifiers, Roon Nucleus+, Shunyata Denali power conditioners, and Revel Studio loudspeakers). Cabling of the older system is mainly from Monster Cable, and of the new one is primarily a mix of Shunyata for power and Transparent for signal.

I enjoy attending the big audio shows -- Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in the fall and AXPONA in the spring. At those I can at least listen to what I would like to own but cannot afford. Nonetheless, I cannot say that I am displeased sonically to what I have assembled. I upgrade from time to time, or expand my system (such as my recent purchases of the Lumin and Roon products) when I have accumulated sufficient funds to do so.

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