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Originally Posted by PHC1 View Post
Some years ago I bought a Pioneer Elite BD player and it was not cheap.
It started locking up and eventually stopped working all together. Pioneer did not make it easy to update the firmware at all at that time. I had to make a trip to my dealer twice and both times some other problems appeared within days. I got fed up and it sat on a shelf in my garage for many years. Bought Oppo some time after and have been loyal to Oppo ever since. Just recently upgraded to the Oppo 4k UHD BDP203. Between the LG 4K UHD OLED tv set I upgraded to at the same time and the Oppo 203, I have all the eye candy I need and the firmware updates are automatic and hassle free. I can certainly understand the want to go after the most performance available but a half baked product like my old Pioneer Elite BD that became dead within weeks leaves one very disappointed. That's not to say the current Pioneer products are bad! I have no idea and no desire to even look at them.
Was that an 09FD? I never had any problems with mine, though quite a few others did based upon posts on another forum.
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