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Will guess you are shooting at Cherry Ridge and/or Central Jersey. When I was shooting service rifle I enjoyed shooting at CJ. John's 300yd 'state championship' was always fun, with ~100 competitiors, a BBQ and the best prize drawing for any match I've attended.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate the next two weekends and we'll get to shoot our June matches before heading west for the .22BPCR nats at Raton, NM. The nats will have ~150 competitors.

Edit - got to shoot the new rifle in the 1st match. Did tolerably well at 150m, but failed miserably 200m and then the off-hand at 50m. Recovered well at 75 & 100m and finished very much mid-pack. Better next time. 2nd match was, again, rained out. Heading west later this week. Will shoot the 2-day 22BPCRA nationals July 1-3. Was 3rd AA after a shoot-off last year. Don't expect to do as well this, with the lack of trigger-time.

2nd edit - as expected, was decidedly mid-pack. At the lower end of mid-pack. Need some serious 'trigger time'. The two fellows I shot with did much better. Bill was 8th (out of 33) in AAA and Pete was 2nd OA after a shoot-off in the combined A/B. Pete shot well enough that he moved up to AA for future shoots. Have to get in some practice so I can acquit myself better next year. To that end I just purchased a Stevens Model 44 (see pic). Have to install the Lyman 77R front sight and MVA #130 rear and it will be ready to go. Unfortunately, travel demands will limit my shooting until mid-Sept.

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