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Pio - Your enthusiasm is well justified - You are in good company ... I like these speakers a lot myself - Have a friend who loved my Salon2s but with kids in school couldn't justify the price and opted for the Performa F208 - He gets a nice taste of that Revel room filling magic and still manages tuition payment

Revel is known for a seamless transition between driver frequencies and they don't disappoint on this model - The crossover to the woofers at 270 Hz is a nice spec for any speaker but at this price point is an especially nice touch - I think that is what makes the soundstage present so well

On the back they have a nifty pair of switches to tweak you tweeter and also allow for boundary reinforcement - Fine tuning your tweeters and allowing for basic room acoustic challenges makes a great speaker sound still sound great even if the room has challenges (Way to often a speaker is great in the show room but at home falls flat)

Erick Lichte at Stereophile Magazine gave this model a rave review in it's July 2014 issue - Phrases like "a coherence that I found intoxicating" and "I have never heard a $5000/pair speaker play so loudly, so easily, so musically" ..... the Performa speaker line continues a history of top notch performance for the dollar spent - Check it out if you are interested in his measurements

Anyway let us know who the break in period goes
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