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Originally Posted by jazzman View Post
go to any big hifi show and you would be surprised by the number of 150-200k pair of speakers on show... and the number of them being not worth the money. Take the XLF for example: a pair of S5 at less than 30k sounds way better.

I'll be the first to agree that very few of the speakers in that range really wow me, with that being said a show enviroment is rarely the place to hear such product.

As for stating that the S5 is 'way better' than the Wilson XLF is your opinion and that's fine but have you heard the two in the same acoustical enviroment ? FWIW, give me a pair of Logan CLX's and a couple of good subs over the S5 any day .......hell I'll take the Logan combo over the Q5 ! and yes I have listened to all the above in the same listening enviroment (Overture, Wilmington, De)

the Q7 is in a category in its own
so I've read, looking forward to hearing them soon.
Cheers .......Dave
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