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Originally Posted by FranklinLG View Post

The Os' are terrific speakers. Here's my review on them. I currently use them with a pair of 300B mono blocks that are about 8-9 watts each. And while I am actively looking at a possible implementation involving some 211 tubes, which would put me up closer to 20-25 watts, I don't plan to get rid of my 300B amps. I love them, and they work well with low powered SET's!

Great review. With regards to the O96's bass, I didnt have much of a chance to position my O96's around the room, but overall I find them slightly elevated. This attribute does not diminish the enjoyment I get with the speaker, which is considerable, I just donít think the pure "amount" of bass is particularly accurate.
I have owned Wilson Sophia's that bettered the O96's in this aspect. They had bass drive, impact and depth while not drawing attention to themselves. The bass of the O96's does better the Wilsons in texture and touch.
My system has been in storage for a few weeks and I really miss my Shindo/O96's combo.

Your 300B/O96 combination must be steller. With a VR that must be icing on the cakeÖI would love to move up to a VR!
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