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Congrats! I'll talk!

It's been the better part of two years for me. I know them well at this point so it was interesting to go back and see what I thought two years ago.

Still love them with no desire to replace but I have added two subs. The salons themselves? Music sounds great through them. You easily hear the difference between a good recording and a meh recording but for the most part the Salons are revealing without being overtly cruel to the lesser recordings. You can still enjoy the music in other words.

Ken said the Salons were one of a few speakers that were good at stereo and cinema. That's a little different than I originally thought. Now I agree with that. The Salons are better suited to theater than the F208s if my memory serves. I wonder if the F208Be closes the gap between the Salons and the F series. After getting used to the Salons it would be hard to go back. That's different than what I thought 2 years ago too.

The Salon 2s are very easy to live with, no bad habits.

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