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I got the 10th Anniversary DAC-2 today. I must say I was torn between the regular SE version with the green OLED and darker case since it'll sit next to my MCD500 and figured the lights would match better. But, the red LED screen on the 10th is almost more like a dark orange/lighter red and it is as crisp as can be. Also there's a configureable dimmer so the point is kind of moot anyway. The champagne finish is beautiful and I'm going to reorganize my TV rack so that the Mac Mini sits on top of it. The aluminum feet are also a nice aesthetic upgrade over the standard feet. Will I be able to tell a difference in hand matched resistors that already have a .1% tolerance? I doubt it, but from an aesthetic standpoint and value of the Black Friday sale I couldn't be happier. Now to plug this thing in and see if I have an extra pair of balanced cables so I can A/B it with my McIntosh D100. I previously found the standard DAC-2 to be about on par w/the D100 so I suspect this will be a no brainer. I'll create a separate thread after I've had ample time to cable everything up, listen and play around with the settings.
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