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Installed a trio of the Path Audio resistors, similar to the Duelund set, but slightly larger resistance.
Did it fast.. so left off the little coils in the wires since the were on the hanger needed to help the Duelund. The Path are just hanging off the wire. They have that ground for the shell, I used a small eyelet and stuck it on the banana plug negative terminal on the speaker wires.
First did a dual set which I plan on sticking in the treble, but wanted to see how they sound, and what they sound like with no break in. (Folks say the break in takes a hundred to one-fifty hours!) The sound was OK so no horror assault on the ears, like some brand new stuff! So after a few hours I made up the triples and stuck them on. Like the Duelund, a trio of resistors seems to be a bit more 'magical' than one or even two.
Actually I have four, three main 3.9 ohm each, and trim resistor of right now 39 ohms. With no trim the resistance would be 1.3 ohms. as is it is 1.258
The Duelund were at 1.251
The sound is very good right off with the trios, not as perfect with the short term in use duo.
If they get better as reviews say.. Whoo hoo.
Since that is supposed to be 100 to 150 hours, I will say no more and report back in ten days... (I play music 10 to 12 hours a day...)
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