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Hello Beet Farmer,

I hope you are well.

I read your OP with great interest. I am one of those that will experiment as you have done.

As much as I appreciate the great sound and value of Magnepan speakers, it stands to reason that their may be opportunities to improve their sound with changes such as you have suggested. I do not fault Magnepan. I have been in the design and manufacturing world for quite a few years and have seen some of the decisions that have been made and the reasoning behind them. Also, some of what you have done may be tuning you Maggies to your listening environment. Something not to be overlooked. You may have described the best way to do so.

If you would, please explain what you meant by "The multiple resistors also allow greater current flow." The purpose of a resistor is to reduce current flow. Do you have reason to believe the resistors, if used singularly, reduce the current more than the resistor value would indicate?

I looked up the Duelund CAST resistors. The ones I found were 5% tolerance. The differences in resistance value you cited between combinations of resistor pairs would be only slightly greater than the cumulative tolerance. If you used 3 resistors, the 5% would be greater than the difference between two values you indicated. It would still be possible to arrive at the values you indicated but you would want to measure each grouping.

This is not to negate in any way the work you have done. I appreciate it very much. As one who works with resistors on a daily basis I might be more attuned to some of these considerations and wanted to bring them to your attention.

I Googled the phrase "Al Sekula Choke tweak" but it did not return anything I recognized as being useful. Would you be so kind as to post a link?

Best regards,

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