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C3's arrived yesterday afternoon so read all comments in that light

First - the packaging was excellent. Each speaker comes in its own flight case on castors. The speaker itself sits on castors in the flight case and once you up end the case little ramps appear and the speaker simply rolls off - brilliant.

Second - they appear better finished than just about anything I've ever bought in HiFi. Everything comes in cases inside the transport containers. The finish of he wood on the front and the chrome highlights is fabulous.

Compared to the Tenors that these replaced the C3's are much bigger.

i had a listen last night but was too impressed with the sound - they sounded tight and a little thin.

this morning they are sounding fleshier and fuller, the midrange is filling out and treble appears out of nowhere - like there isn't even a tweeter to reproduce the sounds.

the biggest change in the sound from Tenors, apart from fuller and more grounded bass is the soundstage and imaging. The vertical, and front to back imaging is much better than the Tenors...... And it sounds strange given how big they are, but they are harder to localise/hear compared with the Tenors. They throw up this huge soundstage and simply disappear.

ill write back some more thoughts as they break in
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