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Originally Posted by dbphd View Post
After Montecito dug out from the mud I finally picked up the DX-5 DSD that had been scheduled to be delivered the day of the flood. I installed it yesterday, but was frustrated because balanced analog and digital BD played fine, but no sound from SACDS. It finally occurred to me that the Bryston SP3 doesn't accept DSD and the previous owner may have used DSD. That was the problem. With the DX-5 DSD sending 24/192 LPCM, the sound with SACDs is spectacular. The DX-5 DSD must send very clean HDMI and the SP3 DAC process must be very good. It was a revelation.
I am pretty sure the DX-5 does not send high res over the digital AES connection (only downsampled signals), do you mean you use the analog outputs ?
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