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Originally Posted by Andrew Zakon View Post
Today Transparent Audio Reference G5 speaker cables and balanced interconnects has been delivered. Every cable is specially calibrated to connect WA Alexx Speakers and Dan D’Agostino Progression monoblocks, and also mono-blocks and Progression preamp correspondingly. Quality of production and packaging is beyond expectation hope that sound will be also.

I am pretty sure you have an enormous smile on your face? I can imagine in my mind how good it must sound with the addition of the Transparent G5 cabling. Prepare to be amazed at the change. I am curious as to what you are hearing? Congratulations on the useful addition.
Source Esoteric K-01X
Preamp Audio Research REF 10
Amplifier D'Agostino Progression monoblocks
Speakers Wilson Audio Maxx 3
Cables Transparent Reference Gen 5
Equipment rack and amp stands HRS
Power conditioning Transparent
Power outlets GTX-D(G) Gold-Plated duplex receptacles dedicated 20 amp lines.

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