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Default Progression monos and preamp joined my setup


I guess I have had my pair slightly longer than Bob's. To my ears that first hour they were very flat sounding. No depth, instruments sounded compressed and without that sensation of hearing music reproduced with feeling. That all changed the next day for sure. I leave them on now as they sound their best when in that mode to my ears. They sound fine when first powered up but seem to become even smoother overall from top to bottom and richer in tonal character with voices when I leave them on. I was standing right next to Dan D'Agostino in the store when I heard him recommend to one of his dealers to "leave them on". It was cool to talk to him and his lovely wife Petra. These are the best amps I have ever owned, and I have owned a few like the rest of you audiophiles!
Source Esoteric K-01X
Preamp Audio Research REF 10
Amplifier D'Agostino Progression monoblocks
Speakers Wilson Audio Maxx 3
Cables Transparent Reference Gen 5
Equipment rack and amp stands HRS
Power conditioning Transparent
Power outlets GTX-D(G) Gold-Plated duplex receptacles dedicated 20 amp lines.

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