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Originally Posted by Antonmb View Post
At the risk of opening up the whole “subjective vs objective” can of worms, I don’t dispute the measurements in this “review,” but if the reviewer never listened to it, it’s hardly objective. There’s an inherent bias already present in the fact that he’s dismissed the idea of listening to it, and his assumption that the particular measurements he performed are predictive of the sound. A balanced and objective review should include both listening and measuring, preferably done separately so that the listener is not influenced by the measurements and vice versa. Otherwise it’s like reviewing a car based on a certain set of performance specs and never driving it.
Yes, I agree. After all, we get our enjoyment from listening to our systems which is 100% subjective. I like the members on this site because they don’t put too much emphasis on objective measures and specifications and seem to be open minded. You validated what I was starting to think about the ASR site. At least, their members are fairly polite unlike many on the AVS and audioholics sites. Just try to convince them of how much an audiophile power cable can improve the sound quality of a system. You’ll feel like you started an argument with the flat-earther society! Good car analogy.
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