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Originally Posted by mtrot View Post
I also would be interested in the experience of people with experience with the Be models.
Hi Marc,

If you havenít already read it, I recommend Kalís Stereophile review of the F228Be.

The speaker was awarded Stereophileís loudspeaker of the year for 2019 and overall joint product of the year.

I first ordered the F206 from Crutchfield last Fall. They have a great 60 return policy. IMO, there is no better way to evaluate a speaker than in your own room, using your equipment, and over a long period of time. I find quick A/B testing can be misleading especially when evaluating cables. After listening to the F206ís for about 45 days, my wife and I agreed that they just sounded too small for the room (30 ft X 35 ft with vaulted ceiling) and were lacking in bass. I decided to return them and upgrade to the F228Be. We found that these filled the room with a much more pleasant weighty sound. They took at least 200 hours to break in at low to moderate volumes. Over this time, they become more transparent. Changes to power and interconnect cables were noticeable and improved the sound quality. Soundstage improved significantly after replacing an Audioquest Earth XLR with a Synergistic Research cable.

Currently, bass slam is not where Iíd like it and upper mid to high frequency noise needs to be reduced. I am hoping the Shunyata items that I have ordered will address these two issues.

I am just using for 2 channel audio and have no desire to add a subwoofer but you might want to for movies. My wife and I donít really watch movies!

One difference between the F208 and F228Be that I read about on the AVS Forum is that the F208 suffers from compression at high volumes while this isnít a problem for the F228Be which retain their dynamics. I wonder if this is due to the deep ceramic coating added to the F228Be drivers.

Good luck in your decision!

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