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Originally Posted by tripitz View Post
Thank you for the reply and link. Not much info yet on the 328be. I've seen the charts and concerns regarding the fullness of sound with the new models.

I actually chose the 208s over the 228be speakers last year when I auditioned them because they were less bright to me. Those are in a 2 channel system - the 328s are going to go into mixed-use system (HT/music) so I will have a sub.

I have a JL D110 sub that I meant to use to augment them and ultimately never did. In my room, the 208s have plenty of bass.

I did a 208 and 803d3 face off and the 208 was pretty close at the time (to my ears in that room). The B&Ws didn't seem to justify the 3x in cost - even though they were the better speaker. That being said, yesterday I auditioned 802 and 803 d3s along with a Legacy Focus SE. The Legacy just blew the B&Ws away with respect to the lower range. There was just so much more there that the B&Ws couldn't achieve. The flip side is that the presentation of the B&W and the upper ranges were something the Legacy couldn't match!

In any event, my local dealer has the 328s and 803 in the same room. Hoping to do an A/B this week. Will report back.
Excellent, looking forward to your observations! My setup is a 50/50 music/movies situation, so I do think I may appreciate the extra clarity of the Be series over the F208.
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