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Originally Posted by tripitz View Post
Anyone have a chance to audition the new lineup? Thoughts? I own f208s and absolutely love them. Auditioned B&W 802/3 d3s this week and couldn't pull the trigger. I was going to potentially pick up a used set of Salon 2s and they sold at the dealer before I could make it there. Potentially very interested in the 328be. Hoping to audition them later this week.
Yeah, having heard the 800D3 speakers at multiple audio shows, that tweeter just seems "tizzy" to me. Maybe it was just the small hotel rooms that were causing that, but they also sound that way to me at the Magnolia stores in which I've heard them. My sense is that they need a large volume room to sound their best. As to Focal, I keep reading recent owner reports that they just couldn't stay with them because of too much mid range intensity. I'm now finding myself leaning more towards Revel, Dynaudio, and Sonus Faber.

I've heard the F228Be at two audio shows and they sound very good to me. One concern I have with some Revel models is that recent testing has shown that they don't really achieve the low frequency extension claimed in their specs, when tested without the benefit of room enhancement. Now, that may not be much of a concern for users who will integrate them with subs. But I am looking for speakers with true bass extension and impact. My understanding is that the Salon 2 will give you that, but I'm not sure yet on the F228 or F328.

Just today, there is a review in Sound and Vision of the F226Be. The writer states, "But with these Revels sans subs, large Kodo drums sounded tight and hard-hitting, with no bloat or boom. While this was impressive at first, it soon became obvious that the bottom two octaves or so were largely missing." Hopefully, the F228Be would remedy that issue.

I also would be interested in the experience of people with experience with the Be models.
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