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Originally Posted by metaphacts View Post

Need to bring this back to wines.

The Quilceda Creek 2016 CVR is arguably one of the best mid-priced Washington wines. Fidelitas Purple Cab is Charlie Hoppes Private Label Cab for Purple Cafe. As with all Charlie Hoppes wines, Red Mountain based and a blend of vineyards.

Both of these wines though completely different from one another are magic.

Special thanks to JJinID for starting me down the Washington wine rabbit hole so many years ago.
Thanks for the shout out, Bill!

You still need to come visit me so I can share a bottle or two with you. This past week I received my Fidelitas wine club shipment - 2 1/2 cases, including over a case of Quintessence Vineyard Fidelitas wines!

Earlier this week, I drank a 2012 Fidelitas Ciel Du Cheval Cabernet Franc, and tonight I am drinking a 2012 Fidelitas Ciel Du Cheval Petit Verdot

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