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Originally Posted by Bones13 View Post
I am looking at replacing my streamer / DAC / pre-amp with a unit like the Bricasti M12. I have a great phono pre, that will be difficult to surpass in a combo unit, so I really like the analog inputs of this unit. Now, in 2018, there are a couple of other things I want in whatever I upgrade to.

1) Will the M12 ever upgrade to DSD 256? Or is the DSD board limited at 128?

2) Will the streamer in the M12 ever upgade to Roon Ready? some of the other Bricasti units already have this capability.

Thanks for anyone who knows this. Its a beautiful unit, and would look great on my shelf. Especially with all those extra boxes, cables, small power supplies, gone.
Yes it does stream using Roon but need a dedicated computer or laptop. As far as DSD not sure but on the web site I know it lists. Question. Like 99% of DSD is 64 so why are you concerned
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