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Originally Posted by bobbmd View Post
Hello- does anyone have experience with the Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors-mine have been made and are being shipped couldn't afford(at least according to my CFO) the Calibres but I am hoping they are close to being as "butt kickin'" as the Calibres.
would be interested as what speaker stands i should consider their height etc
thanks bobbmd
Well I'm sure you have them by now, but I have the Studio HD's as well. They are my office speakers at my office at the school I work at. And, yes they totally kick butt! Bass is a bit anemic since you can only get so much from the small enclosure, but they can take a beating just like the Calibre's and they image soooo nicely as well! They just won't be able to give you the same overall SPL nor bass response that the Calibre's do --- they are Studio HD's on steriods!

If I'm not mistaken, B.Dudleston puts a HPF on them (the Studio HD's) so they cannot be forced all that easily to reproduce content below about 45Hz, which is a good idea, because the more the cone moves the more THD/IMD you will get up top near the Xover frequency which is no bueno.

I use some stands from Amazon, and even though they are rated at 30lbs each, I reassembled them with carpenter's wood glue, and they hold up the 50lbs Calibre's just fine

Perfect for listening at couch-height!

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