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Originally Posted by CR500 View Post
Another Beta owner who would like to know!

Was playing with my setup and spectrum analyzer last week. Trying to cure huge dead spot in the spectrum around 70 Hz (bad room acoustics). While playing, I discovered the EMIT and EMIM controls weren't working. I'm going to get some replacements rather than cleaning. Could only find wire wound types (5 ohm 5 watt).

Anyone know where to get one of the standoffs for IRS Beta woofer grills? They look the same as those used on the other cabinet, just with the addition of a bushing.

Were they used on any of the other speakers?

How do you remove them from the grill (do they unscrew or pull off)? If I can get one out, I'll try to scan and 3d print them, just want to make sure I'm not going to break anything when attempting to remove (they're all very tight).

... and the foam inside the passive crossover box has deteriorated on mine. Probably the same for everyone as well. Time to pull it out and replace before it becomes a sticky mess!


The plastic speaker grill standoffs are simply (hot?) glued into holes in the particle-board frame of the grills. Without the glue, they simply pull straight out. Since the standoffs are stronger than the frame, any attempt to muscle them out will break the frame. I suggest cutting off the protruding part, then carefully drilling out the rest. Infinity used the same standoffs on a number of their high-end speakers.

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