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Yeah ... dealer(he's brand new to Levinson) is telling me the Harman guys are just amazed I've had 3 units fail now. Said they just generally have zero failures but I don't buy that as when I made the purchase ... refurb gear was available for a discount. One doesn't generally refurb perfectly good equipment. I didn't necessarily expect over night as even the preamp is heavy and would be expensive to overnight but I didn't expect that after almost 3 months of making a $40k+ purchase I'd still not have a properly working system. 2 523's and 1 536 not working correctly. I let the dealer know that after 2 defective 523's I won't entertain another one of those so I asked him to either replace with a 52 Reference as some accommodation pricing or refund it. I would be willing to replace the 536 one time to see if the second one works correctly. If I refund the pre only I'll probably just go with an ARC Ref6 but only after an in home demo. If I refund the entire system I'll just do the Ref6 and the new 160M and call it a day for a while. At this point I'm so tired of dealing with this that I just want it to be over. As an FYI ... I didn't even post about any of this for the first 6 weeks as I gave the dealer and Levinson ample time to resolve before posting.

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