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Jim and Steve,
I had the upgraded tone board put in last Saturday, attached are a couple of pictures. The tone board is the smaller board on the right. Visually the only difference appears to be slightly larger caps in the new one. Sonically, the difference is subtle: I did notice a slight improvement in bass definition and oomph. I picked up new cables the same day but made sure to listen for a few hours to the new board before swapping cables.

One warning, there’s a glitch in my new board - when I engage the tone controls, the right channel drops considerably, almost muting. I tried all the tricks: re-pairing the remote, resetting the balance, holding the balance button for 10 seconds, etc., but it appears to be a problem with the board - maybe just mine, but don’t know that yet. I called my dealer on Saturday evening and am still waiting to hear back. I’m not out of commission, since I don’t use the tone controls very often, but it will be a pain if I have to pull it back out of the rack and drive to Seattle again.
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