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Hi James ...Welcome to the friendliest audio forum around!
Accuphase A-70, C-3850, DP-720 ,C-37 ,T-1100, PS-530/ Sonus faber Stradivari (original violin red #786)/Wireworld Gold Eclipse speaker/Gold Eclipse IC's /Platinum Electra PC's/Technics SL-1210GR (modified)/MY Sonic Lab Emminent GL MC cart/Accuphase AC-6 MC cart/ Furutech Monza LP Stabilizer/ Synergistic Research Powercell UEF12se w- Atmosphere Level 3 PC's/ Synergistic Research PHT (Phono Transducer),XOT Carbon,Active Ground Block SE w- HD ground cables,Black Box LF(Low-Frequency) Stabilizer/Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck/BeyerDynamic T1 v2/ Magnum Dynalab 205 Signal Sleuth/KLAudio RCM & silencer/20A dedicated line & breaker w/Furutech GTXD NCF-GTX wall plate -NFC carbon cover/Furutech Flux-50 NFC filter(9)/HRS Damping plates(7)/Stillpoints Ultra SS,w Ultra base (under A-70)/PSA Noise Harvesters(14)/SteinMusic H2 Harmonizers(6)
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