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Originally Posted by Bill333 View Post
Hi, I'm a new member from the Chicago area and am still in the process of putting together my first Shindo system. I have a pair of Altec Valencia 846A speakers, a Well Tempered Simplex turntable, and am working on filling in the parts in between.

I originally got interested in Shindo because I wanted to go in an all-analog, all-tubes direction with my system, but I've been having some trouble getting good sound out of vinyl. The question I would like to ask the forum members here is, "Does it make sense to go with Shindo if you're not doing vinyl?"

Also, does anyone here use reel to reel tape?
I have two WTL tables, that I use in to a Shindo/Alec Valencia 846A setup. If you use a Simplex with a good cartridge, in to a properly matched SUT, you should have great sound.
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