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Originally Posted by Toccata View Post
If I like them enough, and she simply can't deal with their location, perhaps a slight compromise in ultimate quality is in order. It's too bad they aren't on (lockable) casters--that way, I could roll them into the perfect position, then back against the wall when I'm not listening to them.
I got mine in Titan Red a week ago. Absolutely love them, and the best thing in my fairly small space is that when the dealer brought them over for an in home demo, and spent over two hours moving them 1/2 inch at a time (while listening to the same song over, and over, and over again), we found that they sounded best only 8" from the back wall! The dealer took pictures as they have several customers that are also concerned about how far out the Sabrina's need to be from the wall.

I'm driving them with a Classe Sigma SSP and Classe Sigma AMP5. Primary source is a Rega RP6 with Exact2 MM cartridge (turntable is my next upgrade).
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