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Originally Posted by W9TR View Post
Hey Buck,
Ditch the RELís like a bad date at the prom. Dial these babies in without them, you may find you donít need them at all.
Well Tom, thatís what I was thinking too, but it hasnít worked out like that....
My room sounds very good, but the dimensions make low bass virtually impossible. I was shocked at how little deep extended bass I was getting , so much so I was worried. Iíve done measurements before and after, and without subwoofers, it just doesnít happen. This is the third pair of loudspeakers Iíve had in here and itís been the same result with all of them, no subwoofers, no bass. Now of course Iím talking about sub 38 Hz or so, from there up itís smooth as silk. Thereís nothing unusual about my dimensions with the exception of the ceiling.....itís a tray ceiling probably about 25 feet tall.....I have to think that has something to do with it. I used a mic to measure response out of the Avalons about a foot away just to make was virtually flat down to about 25 Hz, so I guess itís the room Iím in unless someone else has any
Other ideas, but Iíve covered pretty much all my bases.

I spoke to Jim Smith a couple of days ago, I figured I might as well spend a few bucks to make sure everything is a-ok so he may try and come out this week to evaluate everything. Man itís nice he lives 20 minutes from here! Iím lucky considering heís probably voiced over 1000 rooms in his career. Believe it or not, even he has never heard a pair of Isis, so looking forward to his impressions. Anyway, my final step may be to get GIK to come on out as well....theyíre local as well here on the NE side of Atlanta! and see if thereís anything else. Go big or go home I guess.

- Buck
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