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I have the CLX and have had for a long time great speaker I am using 4 Decent subs with them. Powering the Clxs with Ayre mono blocks MXRs 20s . Do you need subs no but with DVDs it is nice with some music it adds a lot most of the time it is fine with out them.

Not a easy speaker to set up add subs and not easy becomes hard. You can put some very high end gear up stream and the clxs will not be the weak link in the chain. Like all electrostatics they need power and lots of it, amps that can take low ohm loads and are clean .

As to Sound labs never heard them no dealers I know of they are big very big. People who own them and have the right room love them.

CLXs are more sound than most speakers at this price point will give you IMO not heard them all and my taste may not be yours. If you have heard the CLXs only once the set likely was the biggest pro or con.

Clxs never was as popular as the hybrids price more than sound IMO these are nice speakers not a huge foot print in a big room the clear panels tend to make them blend in some. They sound great I am surprised they did not sell better than they did I think it is ML best effort so far . The new ML super speaker only heard it once I thought the set up needed work not a great room I would want to hear it again. But it is 100 K in Canada any questions just ask.

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