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Took a contingent of our SEPAS to listen to Devore speakers at BEK after rummaging thru Double Decker's LP bins. Erik of BEK was kind enough to let us listen to a the Luxman KT88 amp (25wpc) being driven from the biggest Luxman integrated (590xII, maybe?) preamp section (we did not want to bother making all the moves needed to put in a line stage). We listened to a Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge on a Brinkman DD TT/TA combo thru a Lehmann Decade phono-pre. First up was Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' Else" followed a The-The synth-pop LP and then another jazz LP. We also give a short listen to a pair of Harbeth HL-5. The four of us thought they were totally out-classed by the 0/96, but Erik explained that 25wpc is simply not enough for the HL-5 and we should have been listening to the amp section of the 590 integrated to make it fair. Whatever........ we all agreed that the Devore 0/96s were wonderful.
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