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Default Audition - 0/96, 0/93 & Super Nines

Dropped up to my nearest Devore dealer, BEK in Allentown, PA yesterday. Eric has the 0/96, 0/93 & Super Nines on the floor. He auditioned all for me using a Luxman L-509x (120wpc) which is very close to my ML No.383 in power (size, weight, etc.). The 0/96 were all ready set up and he only had to move a few cables around and, voila, wonderful sound. After 20-25 minutes of listening to some jazz and female vocal cuts we switched to the 0/93. Eric felt that the 0/93 are a bit warmer in tone, but to my ears they seemed to be very similar, with the 0/96 having, perhaps, the slightest better bass. So close would be difficult to justify the price difference. And, both simply blew away the Super Nines, which seemed almost tubby & slow by comparison. Perhaps the L-509x was not a good match for the Super Nines, which could always be the case. I'll have to hear something else very good during my next few months 'speaker search' to not end up with a pair of 0/93s in the not-too-distant future. Very musical with excellent clarity & speed.
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