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Of that genre of new tubes my favorite is the Tung-Sol 7581a followed closely by the GL KT77. They are, like the EL34, an excellent tube for the mid-range if you are into voices, classic jazz, chamber music and the like. The GL KT88 is the best tube in my current amp, which is rated at 20wpc in triode (where I also run the EL34 genre tubes at a lower bias setting - likely makes around 15wpc with them). I find the KT88 to offer a bit more "authority" in lower-mid and down and only just a bit less tone with voices. I also found it to be the best tube in a couple of McIntosh amps I used (MC75 monoblocks & MC275IV). The GL small signal tubes are also very nice sounding (12AX7, 12AU7, etc.) though there are many others at reasonable prices, including NOS.

Before I forget, there are some nice tubes listed at very fair prices in the classifieds here. I've purchased several and they are just as Joe describes.
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