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Originally Posted by Tikkenator View Post
Received an email from Music Direct that BAT is offering a trade-in program.
BAT's website has more information about this trade-in deal, which seems to apply to all BAT dealers. They are giving the customer credit for up to 75% of the original retail value of the old gear.

Wonder why they are running this trade-in now, and how this affects their margins. And what happens to the old gear that's traded in?

Trade-In & Upgrade | Balanced Audio

Trade-In & Upgrade Program

Upgrade your system with the latest-generation components from BAT without having to pay full price by trading in your old BAT gear for up to 75% of its original retail value!

For example, trade-in your 20-year-old VK-5 preamplifier for up to $3,000 (original retail price : $4,000) towards a brand-new VK-33SE! There has never been an easier or more inexpensive way to upgrade.

Contact your closest BAT dealer for more information.
  • The offer is good from July 15, 2016 to September 30, 2016 at participating US authorized dealers.
  • Cannot be combined with any other BAT offers or promotions.
  • Limited to BAT power amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono stages and integrated amplifiers.
  • The trade-in must be traded towards a like kind BAT product. i.e.: Amp for amp, preamp for preamp.
  • Integrated amplifiers can be traded in towards an eligible preamp/amp combo.
  • Two mono amplifiers must be traded in towards two new mono amplifiers. However, a single mono amplifier can be traded in towards an eligible stereo amplifier. i.e.: VK-1000 mono towards a VK-655SE stereo or REX II Amp stereo.
  • Other terms and conditions apply. Please contact your BAT dealer for details.
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