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I have a pair of Legacy Signature IIIs that I have owned for ten years. I use them in my system at my office. I have mine bi-amped using McIntosh MEN220 feeding four McIntosh MC2255s - (1) left upper, (2) left lower, (3) right upper, and (4) right lower. Each of the MC2255s are in mono mode. This gives me 1,000 watts per channel. The Legacy speakers handle this quite well. I must admit that adding the MEN220 upstream of the four MC2255s cleaned up the midrange considerably. With three 10" woofers in each channel, there is no lack of bottom end.
In over 50 years of following audio (and being involved as a musician, on-site recording assistant, and orchestra conductor) I have listened to a lot of speaker systems, from Altec A-7s, as well as many "audiophile" type speakers, on down to AR, and a lot of others. I will not say the Legacy Signature IIIs are the best I have ever heard (that prize goes to to KLH Model Nines), but for the money they aquit themselves VERY well.
I would have little hesitation to recommend anything from Legacy.
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