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Originally Posted by Masterlu View Post

But we don't post links to eBay, sorry.
Ok, sorry. And thanks for removing it for me. I'll only mention though, that eBay is currently the only way to order them (new) and directly from Dennis. Easy to find there if anyone is so inclined.

I'm particularly intriqued by his use of the KT150, the brand new TungSol "buck rogers" tube. In corresponding with him, he detailed some differences between the KT120 and the KT150/KT88 which he favors. Mostly about hard vs. soft clipping and more that was above my head!

In conrad-johnson forum discussions, there was wondering and speculation about whether the KT150 could be a drop in replacement for the KT120/6550 that CJ most often uses these days. I asked Dennis about the tube swaps possible with his amps and the following are possible with varying resulting output power, no need for biasing at all, only sometimes the need to change the rectifier tube to go with the chosen power tube:
  • 5 watts per channel - 6V6 output tubes and 5Y3 rectifier tube
  • 7 watts per channel - 6L6, KT66, 5881 output and 5U4 rectifier
  • 10 watts output - KT88, EL34, 6550, KT99, and KT120 output and 5U4/274B rectifier
  • 12 watts output - KT-88, KT-120, KT-150 and 5AR4 rectifier
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