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Originally Posted by George Prentice View Post
Expect a similar increase again N100 —> N10 and again N10 —> W20SE... each is substantial and profound, absolutely nothing subtle about the improvements between these. I own a N100, auditioned a N10... and have been so thankful I just closed my eyes and bought a W20SE. It is the most profoundly game changing piece of equipment I have ever owned. It brought audiophile streaming into parallel with vinyl. The vinyl in my system has a very small and not significant better detail. I listen to streaming over 90% of the time and listen to music two or three times more than I used to.
I would agree, but you don't have to make the big jump from N10 to W20SE. You could get the N20, instead.

I just had an N20 here for a month,'s killer. It's really, really, good. REALLY good. And...almost half the cost of an W20SE.
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