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I would love to see a system built around the Focal Frande Utopia Evos

I have the Maestro Evos in my system, so I am obviously biased, but I think Focal has really nailed it with these fourth generation utopias.

There is a new wood finish that is supposed to be spectacular as well:
Focal acquired an exceptional batch of French noyer that heralds from a one-hundred year old tree from the Ain region. Thanks to the unique skills of Focal’s cabinet-makers in the FEB workshop, this batch of wood is meticulously worked and treated with the utmost respect. Every piece is therefore unique and handmade. A guarantee of high quality.

Noyer Naturel and Noyer Foncé. This tawny yellow wood, veined with brown, has stunning nuances of colour. With its satin look, plentiful knots and a fine, irregular grain, this variety is extremely decorative.
The Noyer Naturel version matches elegantly with a light-coloured body, whilst the Noyer Foncé finish goes perfectly with an intense-coloured body, bringing even more elegance and warmth to your home decor. And to round off these noble materials and stunning combinations to perfection, the High Gloss varnish adds that final flourish.

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